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To Jeanne -- Other Options?

Posted by Ellen on 4/06/99 at 00:00 (006045)

Jeanne: I wish we lived closer! I am in Portland, Oregon and have been suffering with PF for almost a year. I am in an HMO and have a very excellent podiatrist. I've tried a bunch of things but the next thing he wants to try is IMMOBILIZING MY LEG AND FOOT in a walking cast. This will be on for three weeks, and then removed (a heck of a lot shorter time frame than the usual eight weeks for a broken bone).

My doctor has given me three cortisone shots (only my left foot is affected) and will not give me any more. (I did seem to have some relief from one of the shots -- about four months, but it all came back.) There is a downside risk to too many cortisone shots. I have a semi-custom orthotic (no molds were made of my feet) and have been wearing them about 90% of the time since last May. My pain is in the arch of my foot and back towards the heel. I cannot remember how I got this injury. It probably had something to do with overactivity around our move from the East Coast to the West Coast. I am not a runner, but do a lot of swimming. I am a woman in my late 50's and weigh about 20 - 25 lbs. more than I should.

Anyway, misery loves company, so send me e-mail if you want:


Thanks to Scott for setting up this site. It's been a God-send to me as I help to manage this condition. There have been times when I wanted to take the gas-pipe. I've never had a condition that took so long to resolve and caused me so much grief. But I guess I'm lucky... some people my age are DEAD! (Just a little dark humor on a beautiful spring day in Portland!)

Warm regards,