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Re: Qi Gong

Posted by Rosalind on 4/07/99 at 00:00 (006070)

Qi Gong is sometimes referred to as Chinese Yoga, but it involves movement and tends to work more on the ligaments and tendons than the muscles. The movements are generally much simpler than Tai Chi. There are many different forms of Qi Gong, and some forms have had great success with chronic health conditions (there are hospitals in China that use Qi Gong exclusively). But anyone should be skeptical until they have positive results themselves. The first time I did it, I sat for half of it, and left limping. But, the next day I felt better, so I went back. And, it continued like this for the next few weeks -- each time with a little improvement, a little better circulation in my legs, and a little more energy. The last time I went I could put full weight (!) on my bad foot for the first time in a long time. (I also had my new orthotics).

That being said, today I had a bad foot day. I think that is because yesterday I overdid it, trying to determine which new walking shoes would work best for me, and eliminating -- the hard way -- the shoes that wouldn't work. Once the inflammation starts, it seems to run wild with a mind of its own, so it will be a good self-test tomorrow to see how I feel after my Qi Gong class.

By the way, everyone else but me does it without shoes. There is one woman who does the movements only sitting or lying down and another woman with multiple sclerosis is going to join the class tomorrow.