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Re: lower leg fatigue and partial cramps

Posted by Bill on 4/21/99 at 00:00 (006213)

Used to run (jog) 8 miles/day. Stopped due to medical reasons. Exercised 2-3x's a week-very light-then, very slowly noticed that the lower leg (below knees) began to feel as though lactic acid was not being cleared out. Lower legs did not develope 'charlie horse' but discomfort so strong that continued walking was impossible. Stopped and massaged calf muscles and below. Resumed walking, pain returned after moderate distance 1/8th mile). Read that the only cure was to 'walk it out' over a prolonged period (2-3 years). I did and the cramping (lactic acid buildup) took longer to develope. Got up to a mile. Stopped again due to severe cold. Started walking again and it's as though I had never 'walked it out'.
Can anyone tell me what the source of the problem is? Need to know.