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Posted by Fred on 4/29/99 at 00:00 (006359)

Are people missing the instruction at the top of this message board that asks them to read Scott's 18-page homepage on this subject before
posting? I've been following this message board for about 3 months now, and find it irritating when people post messages that ask for
information that is given in Scott's excellent, comprehensive summary of the subject. Also, try reading the previous messages that have
been posted. I know it's easier to just write something like 'What kind of shoes should I buy?' but it's really the lazy person's way out
and isn't fair to those who follow this message board frequently. Also, you'll get much more complete information by looking back to
previous messages (for ex., the poster could search for all messages that include the word 'shoe') and reading what Scott has to say about
it. And as always, good luck with your plantar fasciitis/heel spurs!!