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Posted by kelus on 4/29/99 at 00:00 (006364)

Fred, As a person who has been here *not* 3 months, but about a year, I AM WELL AWARE OF WHAT SCOTT'S HOMEPAGE SAYS. So, no, I personally am not missing *anything*.
Irritating? What is irritating is someone who has NOTHING better to do than complain about something like this.

Everyone here knows that you *can indeed* take a few hours, sit at the computer, and waste half (or WHOLE) day scrolling through all of the information here.

I can assure you that I, (as a single mother, who works a full time job six days a week, has a very active toddler, and can barely HOBBLE through the day, day after day) ABSOLUTELY do not have hours on end to sit my butt at this computer and scroll leasurely through the archives.

And I agree that Scott is very knowledgeable about all of this. BUT I am also interested in what shoes the individual people here would recommend. And whether you like it or not, I will indeed ask whatever questions that I want to ask.

Shame on you for being rude, and also for bringing out the rudeness in me. People here are in terrible pain. Some are so mentally and physically give out that they can hardly face the sun coming up in the morning. We come here to TALK and to gather information and build a camradery with fellow sufferers. We are not here to *DOG* EACH OTHER.

You, seem to have the same personality as my FORMER PODIATRIST. Whew!! Two peas in a pod.

Fred, don't go away mad, JUST GO AWAY!