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Here, here!!!!!

Posted by Becky on 4/29/99 at 00:00 (006378)

Thanks for your thoughts Robin. I have thought what Fred said for a long time 'Why don't these new people (bless their heart) just take a little while and read the board, I mean, almost every MAJOR question is answered'. Well, most of you have families, jobs, kids and a whole host of things to do. The internet is not a hobby. For me, I have my job, no kids, husband or anything. Usually this is my support. I wonder if I am going to live the rest of my life with this. And this is the only way I have found to cope. You guys are so great. I am on the internet because of this board. This is a kind of hobby for me I guess. I even go into a 'Pain Relief Chat room/aol only' and talk to people who are much worse than we are. But I still don't like this pain I have. I still don't like it that I have done everything short of cutting my foot off, and I am not better. This board saves me!!! YOu all are suffering just like me.
I even wrote a note one time (several months ago) for New Sufferers saying to check out the board and read Scott's message board. But I also said that we were all here for eachother for comments, questions and answers. IT didn't work. Some people see this board for the first time and ask a question (for most of us, we each have a different opinion according to what has worked/not worked for us).
Anyway, I mean, I could journal on here and vent on whatever I wanted and I know you all would be here for me to read and support me. Remeber Debbie when she found out she almost had Cancer. She received lots of support and I am thankful for that!!!! At least we can't die with this like Cancer, Aids or whatever else is out there.
Blessings to all of you and lets try to make this a message board that is worth reading!!! Let's try not to be too petty and if we have a comment or something, let's keep it nice as possible.