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Posted by kelus on 4/29/99 at 00:00 (006379)

I don't understand what is going on here. I am absolutely NOT a new poster. I never posted here NEAR as much as some of the posters have, but I used to visit ofter, whether or not I posted or not. I do not visit here as often as I used to, by no means because I found myself at a point that I wasn't learning anything new, AND I am also SO very busy being a single mom barely making it.

About the new comers: Becky, if I had time, which I do not, I would like to scroll back to when you first visited this site. I bet you were as frantic as every NEW COMER that happens upon this site.

And Becky, with all due respect, and I am not being a jerk when I say this, but you have been frantic many times. I have MANY emails from you in the past months when you were so frantic and hurting that you sometimes sounded nuts!! THAT IS WHAT PAIN DOES TO EACH OF US!!
I welcomed all of your emails and understood what you were going through.

I really don't think that anyone should scold any newcomer for asking questions. SO WHAT if they are the same questions that YOU AND I have heard a hundred times!!
I can remember when I first found this site, and how extremely happy I was!! I was amazed that I found out so much information about my foot problems IN ONE PLACE. I read many of the old posts...but the truth is I got alot of PEACE OF MIND talking to fellow sufferers. I made several new friends, including YOU, and I count myself lucky to have met everyone.

Becky, I am not jumping on you. I just wanted you to see that everyone here needs to feel welcomed. It doesn't matter whether they are new comers or Old posters that have been here for years.

I am so glad no one made me feel unwelcomed the first time I posted. Right now I would be back where I was, in as much pain than I was when I found this site.

On the other hand, I am beginning to feel unwelcomed. All I wanted was advice on what DOG GONE shoes to buy. I am NOT rich. I am doing pretty bad financially. I FINALLY saved up enough money to get a hotel room in Dallas so I could dedicate 2 days to searching for a pair of dog gone shoes. I can't just up and go shopping where I live and find any kinds of shoes. I can't run to the city and go to Nordstroms. You are doing good to find a pair of Nikes or Reeboks at the JC Penny here. There is a Dillards 60 miles away.