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Posted by Fred on 4/30/99 at 00:00 (006395)

To Kelus and others:
I'm sorry if I seemed rude or insensitive to the plight of those who suffer crippling pain on a daily basis with plantar fasciitis
and/or heel spurs. I certainly upset you (Kelus) and that is the last thing that is needed by someone with severe foot problems.
Since you indicated that you had already read Scott's page and didn't have time to look through old messages, asking the question
about shoes may have been the best way to get some information. However, I still think that you could benefit more by taking a
few hours at the beginning of your trip to read these archives. Instead of just getting a couple of people's responses, you will have
many different opinions! I was a little puzzled by your comment that spending a couple of hours or a half a day on the internet
was wasting time, since these previous posts are by the same people who might respond to your question (except a lot of them
may not respond now because they've responded before, and these people may have some information that can really help you).
At any rate, even though you might not think so, I really do hope that you find shoes that will give you some pain relief.
Good luck! Fred