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Posted by kelus on 4/30/99 at 00:00 (006402)


I apologize too for jumping back in such a fashion, but you stole my cool!
In answer to your question, the reason I feel like I would be wasting my day searching throughout the archives is I don't have much free time to sit at the computer! I can hardly squeeze in a few minutes each day to check my email! My son keeps me HOPPING when it is nearly impossible to HOP!! I can clean my living room, check my email or answer the phone, and 15 minutes later the living room is back a mess. My son is like the tasmanian devil and makes my house look like a sme4 hit it.
I will admit that I never really noticed the 'SEARCH' that you spoke of, so I will try that sometime.
I don't want to argue!! I want to be friends with everyone here.
Anyway, lets stop all of this silly stuff!