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Thanks, to you too Robin

Posted by Lisa on 5/01/99 at 00:00 (006425)

Gosh, you guys are great -- should have given you all more credit than I did from the start. Okay, I've been trying to read more and more of the posted messages and I've learned a lot. I've also learned that many people have a lot to offer.
I don't know about myself...most of the past 10 years have been in ignorance -- you know when you have so much pain and are told there is nothing that can be done, you just learn to deal with it and go on. That's what I did. Always thinking there was nothing for me. 10 years ago the podiatrist I went to said, after x-rays, yes, you have heel spurs and there's nothing we can do for them. He never explained any further. Gave two shots of cortizone and sent me on my way. After the cortizone I couldn't walk for a week, I was in so much pain.
So I dealt with the pain -- my ignorance never led me to a second opinion (I'm not a stupid person, just trusted the doctor too much) --until the pain (heel pain and burning) got so bad that my whole foot would collapse from under me and I was getting sharp, knifelike pains up my leg.
The new podiatrist has been working with me and, because he really didn't understand the extent of my pain, started off rather gradually -- ultrasound, electro...something or other, cortizone, taping the whole foot and ankle, NSAIDS, ice, orthotics, etc.
Orthotics haven't helped because the extent of the pain is the same without them, although I do feel a difference in the way my foot feels, not better though.
I'm only going into the 4th week of post-op surgery and still looking for ways to heal.
I mentioned before that I only stumbled on this website several weeks ago and many things I've already tried. Someone suggested accupunture to me personally. For her it helped tremendously. ???
I wish I could offer lots of advice to everyone -- advice that hasn't already been mentioned. But I'll stick around and offer what I can here and there. I do know that this condition is one that requires a lot of patience and time.