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To Kelus: Re: shoes for Dallas trip

Posted by Lisa on 5/02/99 at 00:00 (006453)

Hi Kelus. On April 29 you posted a message regarding shoes for your trip and there were several suggestions. I, too, have PF in both feet and have trouble with shoes. My arches are unusually high. I have searched many stores only to find ECCO shoes with removal insoles for orthotics. They are flat, but dressy enough to wear with casual dresses. Come in blue, taupe, and black.
I have a hard time finding shoes with removable insoles. Mephisto is a little pricey right now for me, but I'm going to look into them. I find most shoes at the mall, etc. don't have a removable insole. And if I try to pull up the glued insole it's not deep enough to hold my orthotic.

Have you found anything yet?
Hope you do when you're in Dallas. Let me know. Good Luck.