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To Linda and anyone interested - weight loss idea.

Posted by Diane R. on 5/02/99 at 00:00 (006458)

Linda - I too had gained a lot of weight from lack of exercise options with the PF (4 long yrs.) and I think also from taking NSAID's over a long period of time off and on.

Anyway, someone at work clued me in on her weight plan. I tried it and it worked and is still working for me. Here it is:

1. Good vitamin supplement, vit. c, calcium, mag., selenium, zinc, glucosamine sulfate & whatever else you think you should be taking.
2. Oatmeat or other hot cereal with 1/2 cup skim milk, small amount of sugar if you need it (I do).

1. One can of Slim Fast - only the Chocolate Royale - her opinion and mine - keep it on hand and drink slowly - make sure it is very cold. I actually enjoy it now each day. This is 5 days a week at work only. Weekends I take a break and eat whatever my friends, family are having for lunch and dinner.

1. Reasonable portion of what the rest of family is having or if it's something fat loaded, like pizza, I will have a Stoufer's meal - not necessarily the lean cuisine but something 10-12% fat or less and not more that about 300-350 calories.

Snacks: I keep a bottle of water handy all day at work and drink from it often. Then if that is not answering the food craving, I have a bag of pre-cut carrots, a apple or a banana about 3:00 in the afternoon.

The key I think is starting each day at the eating about the same time and keeping the meals about the same time each day on a routine. It seemed to re-set my metabolism clock.

What I know is I have been 'watching' my weight and food intake for years now since I was about 30-35 yrs. old and no matter what I seemed to do -- which diet plan I tried I never took off or keep off much weight. All I succeeded in doing was constantly thinking about what I could or shouldn't eat everytime I ate out or every time I went to the grocery store and everytime I had a free moment.

At age 50 I started this slim fast plan and it took me about 8 mths to very slowly take off about 25 lbs. I got down to 125-128# and am 5'4' tall. I was continuing to lose weight everyone encouraged me to then ease up a bit ... and of course over the last 4 mths I've been even less strict about first extra food and then the slim fast each day during week - human weakness - I have now gained 5-7 lbs back - and so last week have re-started being diligent again about the slim fast Mon-Fri. (Also, during that weight gain time, I had to go back on NSAID's for a torn shoulder - and I swear it gains pounds on me!) But am now off those again.

If I fall off the wagon on the weekend I tell myself each monday to get back on and restart my program. It is such a routine now that at 52 I hope to never get back to my fat self again. I was size 14 petite and am now size 6 petite in shorts and pants size 8 sometimes depending on brand. Good luck hope it helps some of you as it did me!