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Cheap way to modify Birks

Posted by Rosalind on 5/02/99 at 00:00 (006482)

I have a pair of Naots (which are a lot like Birks). My arch is too high for the cork insoles, so my pedorthist recommended that I use Br. Scholl's 'Moleskin' to raise the arch. It was easy to see where my arch wasn't touching the leather footbed due to the wear marks. I used three layers of Moleskin (actually I used Moleskin Plus, which is a little thicker). The first layer was the same shape as the lighter area on the footbed, where my foot wastn't making contact. Then each layer after that was slightly larger to make a taper, so I wouldn't feel the transition of the built up area. It works!

It is only recently that I could wear sandals for even part of the time, because I needed the support of a lace up shoe and orthotics all of the time.