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Re: From Linda to Diane and Lisa

Posted by Linda on 5/03/99 at 00:00 (006487)

To Diana R.
Thank you for the idea's of weight lose. Im 31 Oh, my birhtday is coming up i will be 32 this month. I am 5'5', 170 lbs and in size 14. I cook real good Mexican meals amongst other foods probably fatty for my big 7 member family. I do daycare and am always around food and its my biggest downfall. But i need my will power to help me.
I printed out your help. Thaks again.

To Lisa
I have researched all these shoe stuff on the net with all these fine people. I live in Kansas and there is a shoe store called footprints in Lawerence, Kansas 785-832-0324 and they also are on the web.
I called up there and talked to a guy who told me about these new higher arch supports so i went in to try them on they cost on sale $79.oo. Good Luck.