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Elimination diet of any help?

Posted by Lisa on 5/06/99 at 00:00 (006575)

In my new copy of Encyl. of Nat'l Medicine I read on page 697, 698 the following:
Norman Childers ... popularized a diet that treated osteoarthritis by eliminating foods from the nightshade family (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers and tobacco). It cured his osteo.... This diet has been of benefit to some individuals ... We have seen several patients' osteoarthritis respond well to such a diet.
Has anyone tried this to cut back on the PF inflamation?

Similar symptoms for PF are in the Gout section. The elimination diet includes no alcohol, shellfish, organ meats, meat, yeast, fats, excessive calories and sugars, and to limit spinach, asparagus, fish, poultry and mushrooms.

I have also learned that high protein intake can lead to shortage of B6 which is linked to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (similar to what I have of Tarsel Tunnel Syndrome and PF).

I've just wondered anyone's experiences with any of these? Certainly, it is worth a try and it will help with the weight factor, too.