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To Molly in Tampa

Posted by Lisa on 5/06/99 at 00:00 (006594)

I'm in Naples, been here 11 years. Love it except for August and September...
How long have you had PF? Me, 10 years in both feet. But I didn't know much about it until recently. Have tried everything except acupuncture -- taping, NSAIDS, injections, changing shoes, orthotics, rest, etc., etc., and have had surgery in right foot 4 weeks ago.
I have found I've learned so much from reading all the posts -- more than my Dr. will ever tell me and he's pretty good. But they won't have you trying anything natural. I just started on vitamins suggested in Scott's main pages (just took the list with me to the health food store). The stretching and ice every day plus the vitamins seems to be helping a little -- or could it be that I'm just off my feet more these past few days???
Take Care and Welcome Aboard, Molly from Tampa!