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one week since surgery

Posted by sue on 5/06/99 at 00:00 (006601)

I just went today for my one week post op check up. I had the regular kind of open surgery with heel spur removal. My doctor was quite surprised to see me walk in the office without the boot thing he gave me or on crutches. He said I was an exception to the rule. Although I sort of limp, I am getting around. He said I must have a high pain threshold. Heck, my foot feels better walking with these stitches in it than it felt while walking before the surgery. I saw my foot unwrapped for the first time today. I have five stitches and a little bit of bruising. My doctor seems to think I'm an exception to the rule. Anyone else had a similar experience with their surgery, and if so, how long before you could really walk normally again?