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Success Using Night Splints!

Posted by Leon on 5/10/99 at 00:00 (006681)

I can't really advise about different kinds of night splints, because I also got mine through my podiatrist. Fortunately, insurance covered them so I didn't have to pay for them, since it didn't cover my orthotics. Anyway, it was my understanding that the purpose of the night splints (at least for me) was to increase the flexibility in my ankles, which he thought was connected to my p.f. When I went in last January, he measured my flexibility as -1 (whatever that means!). Last week, he told me I could discontinue use (I was using them on both feet until about two weeks ago, when he told me I could discontinue my left leg but continue on the right where I had the p.f.) because my flexibility was up to 15 (which I guess is better than normal). The ones I had did not stretch my foot in any kind of weird way, but kept my foot from moving around while I was sleeping. I kept a log of the # of hours that I used them, and in the good leg (i.e., never had p.f.) it was about 525 hours and 730 hours on the foot that originally had p.f. In combination with the orthotics, I am now 95% better and have even begun running again! Take care.
P.S. - I know they don't work for everyone, but they worked for me.