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really bad pain/birks/mornings

Posted by Jenny Lewis on 5/11/99 at 00:00 (006724)

Well Sheri and Troy, I am a Birks convert and keep praising them and my feet love them (though I still think they look a bit funny but don't care any more). However, I needed to wear them in gradually when they were new as they felt comfortable but sort of heavy. I slumped around the house in them for an hour or two to begin with. Then I started to wear them at work (I'm at a desk MOST of the time, but occasionally have to walkabout or stand), also for a short time to begin with, gradually increasing by an hour or so. Now, I wear them all the time, have 3 pairs, thinking about a fourth, no money, but happy(ish) feet. Also got the inserts which I have worn in a pair of ordinary shoes, and they helped a lot.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I suddenly realised THE HEEL was feeling better than it had since starting (last December/January). Now, I can almost walk normally, but I am still being very tiptoe on the bad foot, because after a while a small but bossy twinge rudely reminds me of what I should not be doing just yet!

It never hurts first thing in the morning, and until I have finished dressing and had breakfast, I enjoy a blissful daydream that at last this is the day when the pain has GONE for good. Then it slowly starts to come back. By the time I get to work, back to normal.

Oh well, it isn't much but it's progress.

Good luck with the Birks, if you decide to persevere. I found it worth the try but I know they are not right for everyone.