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Would like to share info, here's a repost

Posted by Gordon on 5/16/99 at 00:00 (006890)

The following is a repost of what I sent a couple weeks ago.
I've added to the end of it a bit. Please forgive my spelling, that went out with the memory banks and the spell checker didn't get past high school.

For the chronic sufferers out there, I believe this is more than a foot problem(as I've said before). After visiting probably over 30 different specialists on this problem I have come to the conclusion that we (the chronic type) are all looking in the wrong direction.. Although we may find relief with the conventional methods, few of us chronic types are solving it to be as good as new.

Recently, I started going to a natural path doc who specializes in gut related problems (because I've been everywhere else and the reading I've been doing indicated this might be the root cause. They did some tests on me and found that I have zero Lactobalcillus (which is bad, this is the main good bacteria that supports the stomach) and very high levels of Candida albicans(yeast, which is common in lower levels) as well as parasites (Blastocystis hominis) in my digestive tract. Most conventional doctors do not recognize these conditions as pathogens however many MDs are now recognizing these type of digestive problems as the cause to many forms of arthritic type diseases even though they may be present in some portion of the general population.

Some sort of injury or stress sets the immune system going and then it acts antagonistically to the body.

According to this doc (and I have confirmed this through a gastrointestinal guy) most labs and doc do not check for this stuff because it is not considered bad by regular docs.... yet.

Anyhow the theory goes something like this. Chronic sufferers commonly will have some form of undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy ( Rheumatology jargon for you get aches and pains and they haven't a clue why) and they also have a gut problem or a sensitivity to some types of food.

The LAB that did the testing can be contacted so that they may tell you of doctor who uses their services in your area. It is called Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory and is located at 63 Zillicoa Str. Asheville, NC 28801-1074. I can't find there phone number. Just call information.

One thing that has bothered me about this is why it attacks people in their 30's and 40's and yet most of our parents and grandparents never saw this.

Well the combination of antibiotics or anti-inflammatories which can kill off the good bacteria in your gut and our relative youth encouraging us to go jog and play tennis like kids may have created an odd situation.

Another possible source for the conditions is Celeac disease or (gluten intolerance)

So, try getting tested for gut problems (conventional docs won't do it) or go off gluten products (see Celeacs disease) and see if your condition improves.

My feet improved significantly within a week of starting a very special diet ( with supplements) however I ran into another problem. I had switched to the crystallized form of the Vit C and in the process I have burned out my esophagus and now I can't stay on this diet. Anyhow, I will stay with the ESTER C from now on. Hopefully my esophagus will heal up soon. It is very painful.

I'm not on an 'all natural only' kick but it seems that the conventional way hasn't worked so I'll tell you about the diet.

Maybe this is common knowledge stuff, I don't know, but to get rid of the yeast(candida) I'm supposed to be on a 'no sugar' or sweets and low starch diet. Here's the anti-yeast diet summary:

Foods to emphasize
1. Fish
3 RAW GARLIC (keeps away everything)
4 Onions
5 Cabbage
6 Broccoli
7 Kale
8 Turnip or radish
9. Breath mints (kidding)

Supplements to emphasize
1 Vit C
2 Lactobacillus acidophilus
3Fiber (water soluble from Psylium Seed Husk)
4 Consider difetive enzymes
5 Vit E
6 Candicin

Foods to use in moderation or limited amounts
1 Whole grains
2 Nuts and seeds
3 Beans and other legumes, i.e. peas
4. Whole fruit
5 very diluted fruit juice
6 Rice, millet, buckwheat

Foods to avoid
1.Anything that tastes good (that'what it looks like)
2.Avoid any foods that are know allergies
3 Sugar in all forms (honey, brownsugar, frucose, etc.)
4. Breads or commercial baked goods including wheat, barley, rye and oats
5. Corn
6 white potatoes
7 Carrot juice
8 starchy veg
9 Potato
10 Commercail soup
11 No pop
12 no Pickled or vinegar foods

Of course, get checked out to see about the candida befor submitting to the above torture.

Also, I take these pills called Candicin (which contains golden seal root and slippery elm and ground-up rabbits foot).
Just kidding about the rabbits foot.
Also, to kill the parasistes I'm taking PAREX Intensive Care (this also has a bunch of hocus pokus herbs)and concentrated Oregano pills and some non-dairy acidophilus products.

I'm not sold on the whole thing yet but the gut problem sounds possible (I'm often referred to as a wind bag or something worse) . According to the doc many autoimmune problems can be traced to some sort of digestive problem.

Because of my esophagus problems, I was only on this diet for a week and it is now on hold while I heal. I'm slowly starting it back up but I cheat too much. it seemed to help the first time.

Oh ya, I came across a really good book called ' Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Environmental Illness' by Burton Goldberg.

It tackles enzyme and gut prolems .

If we can get a couple of us chronic types to tackle this as a team, we should be able to help each other to determine the root cause.

Did you ever see the movie Lorenzo's Oil. A father goes after the cure for his sons terminal illness and succeeds. If this doesn't make your eyes water nothing will.