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it's always something!

Posted by Maura on 5/16/99 at 00:00 (006916)

Dana--boy can I relate!! A week ago my feet were feeling pretty good; I was wearing my Birks, and was sitting in church trying to keep my preschooler and (very noisy) 12-month-old quiet, mostly through the judicious and frequent application of chocolate graham crackers. My husband sings in the choir, so no other adult helper was with me. Without warning, my 4-year-old son, playing with the pew's kneeler, DROPPED the heavy kneeler down and its middle wooden leg landed right on top of my big toe!! Naturally, this is the toe that I broke years ago, have had surgery on for a bone spur, and recently re-injured while doing TaeKwonDo! I almost (1) screamed aloud during Mass; and (2) dropped the baby. (Luckily some of the choir members saw that something had happened and my husband dashed out of the choir area to save the baby; I was biting my lip in pain and felt like clobbering my eldest child, but nobly resisted...)

As a footnote (heh heh), yesterday while helping my husband to carry a large, heavy dresser up some stairs, I managed to trip, fall, conk the side of my head against the dresser, bend my new glasses' frame, and knock the lens out of the glasses. (Today I look like a battered woman, with a knot on my temple and a bruise.) My husband immediately assumed I was wearing Birkenstocks, as I have slipped many times on the stairs while wearing them. (Two years ago I slipped on the stairs, while wearing Birks and carrying lentil stew. I landed quite hard and managed to break my coccyx AND redecorate our family room in lentils...to this day I need to sit on padded chairs, plus I haven't made the Dal recipe since...) However, yesterday the Birks were innocent; I was simply being clumsy in my cross-trainers.

It's always something! Sometimes I really have to wonder at my own clumsiness, though. I'm feeling a kinship to Gerald Ford...Can PF cause someone to become a klutz? :>) Only 33 and I feel like I'm not only falling apart, but I'm a menace to myself!!