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heel pain+arthritis

Posted by maureen mumford on 5/18/99 at 00:00 (006981)

I have been going through this for over 1yr now. been to 3 different doctors. Tried shots,excerise,pt,night splint &all kinds of inflamation &pain killers. Had a flair up 2wks ago brought me down completly. Both feet swelled so bad could not walk at all. Doc put me off work, give me celebrex, and to soak feet 3 times a day to get down swelling. have to stay off feet completly. Swelling went down but as soon as I get up on them they go right back to same condition. Was scheduled for surgery the 20th but was cancelled due to my swelling. Pain is horrible. poss. stress frazctures by trying to walk on feet. go back to doc. the 26th of this month. He also said it was arthritis and is sending me on to a spec. to run more test and give me steriods and medicine which i will be monitored on. He said it is a poss. that it will worsen and will have to apply for disabilty. I am off work with dis insurance but have not re ieved 1st check. My bills are due and I am worried. Don't know how long my employer will hold my job for me. been at my job for 10yrs. It is a sit down job (thank god) for that. but i still have to walk up stairs and to car etc. My daughters r helping me to get in &out of the shower. I really don't know how crippled people deal with it. I just sit in shower and bawl so no one can hear me. I feel so usless depending on other people. If my next step doesn' help I believe I'll just give up. If any of u out there can help me plesase feel free to e-mail me. thanks (email removed)