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Lisa, back to you

Posted by Gordon on 5/18/99 at 00:00 (006991)

I'm a little confused. One of the Lisa's just had surgery and has burning feet. I assume that is not you even though she used a capital L.
If it is you. You already know what I do for the burning.
I couldn't find my thing on exercise so I'll do it here fast.
1) Because of my tendency to develop tendon problems etc. it takes a long time to build up to higher levels of exercise so go slow and be satisfied with small gains.
2) Sometimes I can't always get motivated to exercise because I hurt or am stiff whatever so I turn on the BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY band swing music. Now, I used to play rock in a band as a kid but this stuff really cooks. Try it. It is worth it.

3)When I first started doing this I couldn't even walk period and was 30 lb heavier and progress was slow. If one part of the body hurts exercise another that doesn't. The hurting one will like it.

4)Make sure you are on a soft carpet, wooden floor under the carpet.

5)Wear your orthodics except when doing mat work (on your back)
Kick off your shoes whenever you're off your feet to help them cool.

6)I alternate between doing standing exercises and kneeling and mat work continuoulsy so my feet don't get overworked.

7)Standing, I start out with lossening the shoulders and neck by doing light windmills and then lots of neck exercises side to side,diagnol, forward and back along your center axis and then fwd and back in side axis.

8)Don't stand still while doing it, I lightly dance.

9)Lay down on your side and swing your leg like your kicking. I do millions of these, starting slow and then faster. Do both sides

10) Leg raises on your side. Again start out doing small numbers and come back and do more later. Traditionally they teach you to do several reps of the same exercise. I do just the opposite. I continuously switch the exercise and then come back to it again later.
In this way, I never really feel like I pushed it too hard.

The main thrust of this is cardiovascular, work up a sweat, not trying to build muscle yet.

11) Next I do stomach crunches and I have about 4 varitions of how I do these. a)Diagnolly, bring ing up the knee to elbow, b)straight, and c)then bringing up on elege at a time. If anything seems like too much then go back to an easier thing. I work the stomach a lot because doing all kinds of leg work on the mat. Remember to keep switching exercises, don't push it.

12) I use small weights from 3 to 30 lb.s but stay with the light ones. Get on your knees and pretend your boxing one of those ceiling punching bags. Eventualy you will work up to doing this with 3 or 4 lb.s in each hand, start with no weight. Don't push this or you'll mess up your shoulders. Try curling small weights while on you knees.

13) I alternate in loosening an streching exercise in all through out the routine. I know it doesn't keep the heart going but it is all a big comprimise of stuff.

14) I have a few exercise videos and I borrow and modify their routines to knee or mat work although I do a lot standing also now.

15 I always try and do some mat work last because my feet like the blood flow without the stress.

16) Do bycicling in the air with your feet.

18)No jumping,

19) Lots of reaching up , and winging the arms, touch the toes, etc.

20) Get creative. If it helps, just run an exercise video for motivation even if you don't follow it.

21) I try to do everyting in kind of a loose dancing style. I do arm curls with weights while I'm lightly dancing. Standing still and stiff like those body builders makes me stiff.

22) My exercise video will be coming out in June. kidding

23) Suprisingly I can now dance lightly but I still can't stand still for long periods without burning

24) Come up with exercise that kmake you sweat but don't hurt.
25) Oh ya, for the butt. While lying down on back put feet flat on floor and do pelvic thrust up. This may be too much for your feet so just try a couple to start. My wife does these a lot and I must say I think it does the trick.

I rub VIt E oil on all my sore spots. Seems to help. I buy it in bulk (16 oz) straight from the DAY Co. in portland. Much cheaper than the store.

I think you would call my routine soft aerobic with an emphasis on the stomach because .

I have this GEL cool pack that I put in a soft shoulder carry cooler.
It lasts all day frozen. Made by Northland Gel-Ice INc.

Actually I was never lean (last 15 years) until I started this program 30 lb's ago. Most people don't recognize me. Was always acive in sports but I ate too much I guess. Cutting out milk, and switching to raw fruit/veg made a big difference. Don't go on a 'diet'-->change your diet. There is a difference. One is permanent.

As far as imflamation goes I don't think I have traditional inflamation. My SED rate is always 1. And it never shows.

The Great Smokies LAB is a natural type lab that does stuff traditional labs won't do or know how to. They deal with this LEAKy gut syndroem and probably work with natural path docs all over the country.