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I'm one...

Posted by Lola on 5/22/99 at 00:00 (007140)

After seven years of cordisone shots (nine of them), $3000 worth of physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, several sets of orthotics, lots and lots of pain, less and less mobility, I had the EPF surgery six weeks ago in my right foot. I feel great. Still some tenderness, still have to 'listen to my foot,' but it doesn't talk as much now. Surgery isn't for everyone; my doctor told me that, but I am s-o-o-o glad I did it. Now, I have PF in my left foot as well, but it responded to all the things I mentioned at the beginning. My best advice is be sure to have a good doctor, one who really understands and realize that this problem is going to change your life, but you can deal with it. There are a lot of us out here who have advice on what has worked for us. Don't be afraid to try several things. My two different feet can attest to that. Good luck.