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More on Leaky Gut

Posted by Lisa in Florida on 5/23/99 at 00:00 (007146)

Hi -- Since all the talk about Leaky Gut and the interest out there, I have done some searching. There really seems to be a connection here. Gordon recommended in one of his posts to check out the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory. I did. They have a website -- just do a search for Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab. Thanks to Gordon for his insights and inspiration to check into this further...

I wanted to share with you all the address of the pages I found intriguing in their site:

In reference to Leaky Gut:

In reference to Inflammation and Leaky Gut:

Worth checking out for further information. After all, if we are taking all of these supplements which are supposed to help us, why not look into Leaky Gut more?

Also, I've been learning more from Health World Online website at

Let's find a way to treat this PF!!!

Lisa in Florida