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Leaky Gut

Posted by Gordon on 5/24/99 at 00:00 (007182)

Well I've been off and on this yeast killer diet a couple times now.
The pills I'm supposed to take that kill the yeast create too much acid in my stomach and irritate my esophagus which I damaged from taking too high a concentration of the crystalized Vit C. I can't eat solid foods right now so I have to put everyting in the blender until this esophagus thing clears up. So, I'm sticking to the food portion of it as best I can, however, my feet and whole body have defintely improved and my enrgy level is unreal. I was up at 8:30 am on sat and worked on my engineering project until 5 in the next morning and then got up at 8:30 sunday and worked in the yard till 7 p.m. and then worked on my project till midnight again and I'm not tired. Normally, I'm no good after about 10:30 p.m. My determination to beat this thing is so strong right now I'm not sure if it is just positive thinking that is doing it.

My diet is not exactly what they recommended and it might even have a little too much sweet stuff. Basically I'm taking a yam or sweet potato (cooked) and putting it in the blender with cooked brown rice banana, raw peanuts (a little) sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, and tofu. I start throwing the pills into the mix today to see if they would behave better in a diluted mix. Looks disgusting.
I know your not supposed ot have fruit but I've heard bananas are Ok and tehy are highly diluted with all the other stuff. Lots of wate too. In fact I'm drinking way more than usual to help my esophagus and this seems to help more. I have a secondary theory going that I'm allergic to the god or dust in my house and so I'm letting a lot of air through the house. I work from home mostly.
I definitely recommend trying this out.