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lisa & crew

Posted by LJ on 5/24/99 at 00:00 (007195)

i finally went back to the dr. about my orthodics, after wearing them for 5 months at all times 'cept in the shower and in bed (though actually did sleep in them afew times) with the complaint of my good foot, the one sans PF.. that the top was killing me and aching and something didn't feel right. i claimed they were ruining my feet. he said i have tendonitis in that good foot now. totally frustrated i was! then he left me with the comment that 'if you think they are ruining your feet then go without for awhile and see what happens.'
go without those 350 dollar cash orthodics, the ones i have molded my feet to the past several months. that doesn't make much sense either! so, now looking for an orthopedic dr., new opinion and guidance.. and will continue to wear these things at all times till i get another appt.

now.. what to do with tendonitis in my foot? i dunno...

guess there is a reason why teachers get afew months off in the summer.

time to heal up. good luck to you all...