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You are so lucky

Posted by kelus on 5/25/99 at 00:00 (007206)

You are so lucky to live where the doctors care!!! It is definitely NOT this way around my area.....(Texas)
For example, when I first got this affliction, I went to the ONLY Podiatrist in town. I saw him for over a year, and he gave me about 12 cortisone shots during that time!
Not ONCE did he EVER mention the following things:

stretching, night splints, physical therapy, icing, muscle relaxers, OR ANY of the things that Scott mentions on his site, or the posters have mentioned on the bulletin board.
If it wasn't for this board, I would be in horrible shape....in big trouble. BIG TROUBLE. Thank God for this site. Depending on doctors has been a joke for me.

bye, kelus