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you need to stretch gently!

Posted by Sandra Z. on 5/26/99 at 00:00 (007218)

First, take hope: some people DO get better quickly. But to be on the safe side, follow the advice on this board. You probably won't be able to put your orthotic in a heeled shoe, but that's ok. You won't need the orthotic as much when you wear a heel because then the pressure is off your tendon. But wear the orthotic (if it seems to be helping) as much as you can. When you can't wear it, wear a heel. Or find a Mephisto shoe store; Mephisto sells heeled orthotic sandals that I and some others love. The one thing you need to do that you haven't mentioned is stretch! If you are in severe pain, start with a stretch with no weight on your heel (a sitting stretch). Just stick out your leg and pull your toes toward your head. Then push your foot sideways (both directions), draw circles in the air with your toe, and write the alphabet in the air with your toe. When this becomes easy (and don't rush it--that may take weeks)--start pulling your toes back with a towel. Then progress to a standing stretch where you lean into the wall. Also stretch your hamstrings--it's all connected! And I'd avoid going barefoot on the beach until you've been pain free for a long, long time....your doctor missed the boat with that advice. Good luck!