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Lisa, I asked for a referral from my doc

Posted by Gordon on 5/27/99 at 00:00 (007251)

He said he didn't know anyone there but suggested you call several Natural path docs and ask if they dealt with the Leaky Gut. Quiz them as best you can to check out their capabilites. Still, I think the GSL know their stuff the best and may be able to recommend which tests need to be performed and could work with you and the doc you choose. Sorry I can't do better.

My mother actually has a lot of info on leaky gut and has been to seminars etc. She lives in Hawaii and will be visiting next week with some info.

Now she is an amazing positive lady who has cured herself of a couple problems the docs couldn't figure out, and is as active as any 30 year old. She is really persistant.

People are always calling her for recomendations.