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anatomy,stupid questions, stupid deeds

Posted by Alison on 5/28/99 at 00:00 (007288)

Please don't yell at me, I have to ask & I've read Scott's excellant paper....What is the differnce between flat feet and plantar fasciitis? can you have both? and tendonitis? I'm to see a foot/ankle doc tuesday and if he tells me 'lose weight' I'll sock him! I suspect my feet have become completely flat-they seem to have just draped themselves over my full lenght orthotics in the last few days and my feet hurt whenever I'm on them.
Stupid deeds: as I felt better, I rode my bike saturday and tuesday. By the time I got to work wednesday, I had to ice my knees. Not tired at all, but I think I caused my achilles tendanitis to move up to my knees. I used to mountain bike 10 miles dailey, no problem. Now you may rap my knuckles with a ruler!