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Go slower than you want to!

Posted by Sandra Z on 6/01/99 at 00:00 (007417)

I wore a cast this winter, and when I started exercising again, I could only do 4 minutes on the treadmill before I felt pain. But I did 4 minutes every other day for a week, then 8 the next week, then I made a big jumpt to 20 minutes, which I did for a couple weeks, then 30, and finally, about 3 months after I started, I'm back up to 45 minutes, which was my goal. I also walked very slowly (2.5 mph to start) and didn't increase speed until I was at 30 minutes slow with no pain. Then I increased for 5 minutes at 3.0, then 10 of the 30 at 3.0--and now I do 3.8. I do not use the incline at all. I've had PF twice and wanted to be safe--and I am! You may be able to go faster than this, but I did this under a physical therapist's watch and it worked for me. I've started to walk outside now and am entering 'walkathons' for various causes--it feels great to move again!