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Left Foot Results as of Trish's message

Posted by Scott on 6/02/99 at 00:00 (007518)

There are so far on 7.5% left handed people in our results (all 3 had more pain in left heel) which is not enough to draw any conclusions (unless the percentage of left handed persons in the total population is more than something like 15%, then THAT will be interesting because it will mean left handed persons are somehow more immune to heel pain, or at least they don't answer surveys in guestbooks).

Total: 44 Left foot: 28 Right Foot: 16
So a doctor should see roughly nearly twice as many left foot patients as right foot. I didn't count those that had it in both feet or if it switched from one foot to the other.

My statistics for proportions says the average percentage of left foot patients in the population is 64% plus or minus 14% with 95% confidence. This means our survey barely qualifies as 'statistically significant'. I used the 1.96 times SquareRoot[p(1-p)/n] formula for proportions to get the plus or minus 14% error from 64% in our small sample.

It's interesting to note that doctors see nearly twice as many women as men with heel pain.