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I'm ready to try diet again.

Posted by Lee on 6/12/99 at 00:00 (007758)

The sports ortho speciallist I went to did absolutely nothing, told me to stay off my feet. My first pair of orthodics made my foot hurt worse too. Went to another podiatrist and he said the orthodics were made wrong. He made new molds and the new orthodics have been great.
They took the pain completely away for about 4 months and now its back. He's been adjusting the orthodics to try to relieve the pain again, this time the pain has been back for about 8 months. On & off.
Tried cortizone it takes pain away but not good for you. The pain has been so bad I've had 3 injections, had too, I could not even stand on right foot. I'm going back on Atkins diet to see if it will help with pain. It's about 70% gone now with othodics adjusted and anti-inflamm cream, maybe the diet could relieve the last 30% of pain.