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If the first Dr. doesn't help, move on!

Posted by Lee on 6/13/99 at 00:00 (007789)

The one thing I've learned is give it about 1 month and if Dr.'s recommendations don't help, find another Dr. Usually, podiatrists are a little less expensive than Orthopedic specialists. Be very careful with buying orthodics. I cant walk without mine
First pair was $600.00, ended up throwing them away. Second pair, made by a different Dr. was $300.00, they have really helped. The price varies alot. My first Dr. was a quack. Never made good on the 600.00 orthodics. He kept telling me to keep wearing the orthodics, my feet had to get used to them. He just about crippled me. Two other Dr.s told me there was nothing they could do, I should stay off my feet. I told them in a perfect world that might work. But in the real world I had to go to work and stand all day. (some Dr.s need a reality check) Be sure the Dr. guarantees to keep working with the orthodics til they help. There are alot of ready made orthodics, check sporting good stores. One thing for sure, if your feet hurt more they're not getting better. Alot of the ready made ones made my feet burn. I bet I spent more on ready made shoe inserts and expensive shoes than I did on the $300.00 Orthodics that have really helped. Don't forget to start buying bigger shoes to accomodate the orthodics. Also, I found 2 pairs of really comfortable shoes and wear those 99% of the time. Different shoes make your feet move different evey time you take a step. And, everyone is different, but I hope some of this helps.