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Dr. Schaden Training Drs. on Ossatron in Monterrey. Mexico

Posted by Ossatron on 6/16/99 at 00:00 (007864)

As some of you may recall, Dr. Schaden treated several US patients in Toronto during our Ossatron training program for new sites several months ago. Two Ossatrons were recently sold to a new hospital in Monterrey, Mexico and Dr. Schaden has once again agreed to perform the training. Accordingly, anyone interested in being treated by Dr. Schaden on the OssaTron; June 28 -29, in Monterrey should call me, John Warlick, for additional information at 800-464-3795. There are only a few open slots and the charge will be $1,000 each. As references, check out suzi's or Bonnie's old postings to this site.