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My 4 year-old clamored for Birks...

Posted by Maura on 6/17/99 at 00:00 (007896)

...so that he could be 'just like Mommy!' Went to the Birkenstock store with my preschooler and my 1-year-old--a lengthy experience somewhere between 'adventure' and 'I must be insane'--and my 4-year-old spotted a colorful pair of the water-resistant Birki's; immediately he glommed onto them (they were exactly his size, luckily for him) as they look like miniature versions of one of my pairs...and he reminded me that he needed sandals for the summer. (Of course I originally had NOT intended to spend those kind of bucks on kid sandals!!! But I relented...) As I was paying for them (and some Birkenstock sport inserts for my New Balance shoes, plus a nifty little green massage ball), I sternly informed my baby that he 'had better be sure to grow into this same size during summer months'!