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Re: Your back surgery

Posted by Sandra Z on 6/18/99 at 00:00 (007910)

Jodi: I also had back surgery, three years ago, and maybe my story will help you. I had terrible back and leg pain and numbnessin my foot with the ruptured disk in my back and couldn't sit for months while I tried PT, coritsone shots in the back, antiinflammatories. I finally had surgery, which totally removed my back problems. BUT--all those months of inactivity had shortened my hamstrings and calf muscles in my right leg, and when I resumed my exercising activity, I got plantar fasciitis in the right foot. I tried lots of things and nothing worked until I 1) rested my foot in a walking cast for six weeks, then 2) did intensive physical therapy. My therapist did intensive massage on my calf muscles, which were terribly tight, and gave my exercises to strengthen my hip muscles and had me change how I walked, and especially how I climbed stairs. I can now powerwalk--I just came back from walking for over an hour at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life! You probably are out of alignment from the back surgery, and could benefit from stretching your hamstrings and calfs and seeing a physical therapist. But don't expect to be well in two weeks--it took my four months of PT to get to where I'm at now. Good luck!