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Never give up hope but. . . . .

Posted by Carol E. on 6/19/99 at 00:00 (007922)

sadly enough, most of us would just be thrilled if we could REGULAR walk pain-free again!!!

Many people probably DO get over this and can return to their normal lives so you can always have hope, but because there is so much confusion and lack of knowledge about what really causes this condition, many of us will never be able to do the same things again. Many of us follow all of the recommended treatments and exercises and find the things that work the best for us and find a way to manage the pain. My PF has vastly improved over the last two months and a lot of days it really doesn't bother me too much but still, on particularly active days, the underlying pain is still lurking there and rears its ugly head. Personally, I don't expect it to ever entirely go away---but I keep hoping. I don't understand where the cramping comes from. I had to go to girl's camp last week and after standing up all day and finally getting to sit down, my arch started to cramp up and I could feel the achilles tendon up the back of my leg contracting---what's up with that?????

Anyway, I feel like if you can stay off your feet until the micro tears heal up and if you do the stretching exercises (especially before getting out of bed)and if you wear good arch supports you can see some real improvement. Then, when the initial 'tearing' pain is gone, I would start doing some strength building exercises, like picking up marbles with your toes (there were a couple of posts about this a while back). I also felt that wearing a pair of clogs or thongs that I had to curl up my toes with each step to keep them on helped to relieve the pain and strengthened my arch. When you can get around without too much pain, I would start with small careful walks and always ice your foot afterwards. Then, if you can, you could increase the length and speed of your walks as long as you are not in pain. Don't keep doing it if you are in pain---you must listen to your feet. I DO feel that exercising your feet is an important part of your recovery but I think that you need to mollycoddle them for a while to allow the tears to heal first. Good luck!