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re: my plantar facitis experience

Posted by Alex on 6/21/99 at 00:00 (007969)

I hike+trek a lot in rough, coastal area with many hills and my problem started 3 years ago while I was increasing the distance of my hikes. My day job required me to be out in the field\on my feet pretty much 8 hours a day. I went for physio for 3 months, the usual ultrasound\ice stuff while taking Ibuprofen. After obtaining custom orthotics during the physio my problem dramatically improved. The pain dissappeared and I can pretty much do what I want. Except for the odd recurrence I can manage this problem. I use ice a lot after long hikes and take anti-inflams when needed.
I would like to hear from other fellow hikers\backpackers that deal with this problem also. I'd like to know about their experiences in regard to this problem and any unique and\or innovative ways they have found to deal with it. (nice, cold streams do wonders)