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I was wondering that too! . . . . .

Posted by Carol E. on 6/22/99 at 00:00 (008017)

What's the deal with the tight, achilles and PF tendons anyway? Is there a vitamin or mineral deficiency that is causing this contraction? Are our muscles and tendons turning to stone? I might could understand this atrophy (close enough meaning) if we were all totally inactive people, but what about all of the athletic runners and active people who suffer from this malady even though their muscles and tendons are well conditioned and used.

I had to attend a function where I had to stand up all day two weeks ago and I was okay (well, bearably okay) until I sat down at about 10:00p.m. and then my fascia started to spasm up and I could feel my achilles tendon contracting. This has happened to me before and I just don't get what is causing it!!!

The initial 'searing' pain that I used to have when I first got this PF is gone now because I have been staying off my foot as much as possible so the tears in the fascia have apparently healed but this constant tightness of the fascia and especially the contracting achilles in the evening keep me right on the threshold of reinjury and it is very unnerving. I don't understand why all of the stretching doesn't just loosen up the tendons and make them more flexible so that this thing can just GO AWAY!!! It just seems to me like there must be a deficiency of some sort that makes these things contract like they do. Or, if not that, a muscle relaxer that would loosen up the tendons so that the strain just isn't there to reinjure.

Re: I was wondering - Venus & Mars Thing?

Diane R. on 9/08/98 at 19:30 (001712)

Scott - It might be that the way women deal with pain & PF, etc. is different than the way most men deal with it. Alittle like getting 'lost' in a strange city and the woman wants to stop and get advice or directions, etc. and the guy says, no way, I'll find my way by myself... A mars and venus sort of thing. That is not to say all men or all women react equally or the same to things. Just a possible reason so many women are writing to theis site. They're just lost in the PF/pain and it's their way of looking for the way out.