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Bottom line for Birks: Try 'Em On Before You Buy!

Posted by Maura on 6/24/99 at 00:00 (008119)

As with so many other PF remedies, what works for one fellow sufferer may not work for someone else! My flat feet need the lower arch of the classic Birks.

Birkenstocks are great! I now own 4 pairs (plan to buy a 5th soon), including a pair of the water-resistant Birki's, plus my 4-year-old has a pair of the Birki's, too! (Plus I picked up a cute pair of little Birkenstock earrings: they look just like little silver Arizonas, dangling down! Many compliments...)

The key to Birkenstocks (or any other sort of shoes, for that matter) is to TRY them ON before purchasing; preferably try them on for quite a while, and hope for a good return policy. Good luck to everyone! I quite agree with the philosophy, expressed in various postings, that you need to disregard the 'ouch' factor of the high expense, and just go ahead and spend the bucks wisely on good quality shoes! Only have one pair of feet...I figure a few pairs of pricy Birks that I can wear sure beats having 20 cheaper pairs that just gather dust or, worse, injure my feet, knees or back! (Of course, I now attend almost ALL functions wearing Birkenstocks, which raises a few eyebrows, but raised eyebrows have never bothered me...)