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Yes BUT...

Posted by Sandra Z on 6/25/99 at 00:00 (008133)

I used a removeable cast (the Bledsoe Boot) for six weeks in January. I am now walking 2 miles at a time and am much better. BUT a cast alone, and a cast used improperly, won't help. Here's some things the doctor should tell you: make sure you wear a shoe on the other foot that makes both your legs the same length, or you will get out of alignment and might worsen the problem. When you get the cast off, the tendons in your calf will be shortened from inactivity, so wear a shoe will a heel the first few days as you GENTLY (non-weight bearing) stretch your calf and hamstring. Put the cast back on if you absolutely must walk a long distance in the first few weeks after it is off (such as through an airport). Follow up with physical therapy, and if your first PT just gave you a standard sheet of exercises and didn't watch you walk and didn't give you 'custom' exercises for your body, find another PT--a sports medicine PT (find one at a local health club, associated with a college, or anyone who works with athletes)is best. The cast will rest your heel but won't fix whatever in your body made you susceptible to the injury in the first place, so you will reinjure it if you don't fix your walk. Good luck!