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Found Great Birk Store in Tenn.

Posted by WANDA on 6/25/99 at 00:00 (008150)

Hello everybody was out rambling around this new town i've moved to C ordova, Tenn. which is 20 miles from Memphis I think. But anyway came upon the greatest store that just opned and sell Birks, at great prices,I just bought a pr called Betula they're black with a small platform and they wear great, they look so stylish ,you could wear them to work or casual, and whats great i only pd. $65 for them none of there shoes was as high as i've been paying.There name is BAUMER'S birkenstock also have webb site try this http://www.baumersbirkenstock.com and see if you can log on i think they're even cheaper than the catalog or no is 901-737-8778. Just the sweetest people and they really try so hard to please and right fit. Hope yall are having a good feet day i'm so so.