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Is this the same Alicia?

Posted by Gordon on 6/25/99 at 00:00 (008152)

I read through your history and it seems that you have pushed through the pain a lot for the last 10 years. I think you have to listen to your feet and not push it when it hurts. You seemed to be doing ok there for a while and then you went back (like we all have). I am really having a lot of success with this diet thing. Yersterday I had a bunch of strawberries and today my feet are a little sore. This just seemed to confirm the idea of no sugar. So, when I have fruit, just a little at a time. To ease the pain I exercised hard (on the mat) iced and then went back to work. I'm still doing the vitamins and exercise but I think it's the diet that is making me better. I buy lots of raw seeds and nuts and mix them in with everything. Please try the low (simple carb) method.