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Cleats to wear on grass, soccer, baseball, football.

Posted by Keenan on 6/26/99 at 00:00 (008188)

I've tried wearing soceer cleats on grass and I find that they have NO absorbtion for the foot. There is only a thin layer of material between the sole outside and inside. Mine are Nike 9 studs with 1/2 inch stud cleats. Another danger with soccer cleats is that they are generally low cut. This provides no ankle support and with cleats digging in to grass ankles can be easily turned. I've been wearing high cut baseball cleats with thick sport insoles. They're NIke, (I think similar to Air Griffeys), and they are quite comfortable. I suggest getting a boot that is heavily padded and provides good ankle support with some kind of Air or other shock absorbing insole. Then insert another insole like a sport insole. I think football cleats might be pretty comfortable but I haven't tried them yet. Good football cleats are hard to find in Canada. I'll keep everyone posted.