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Roberta-Eat Right for Your Type...A question

Posted by Sarah on 6/28/99 at 00:00 (008258)

Sorry everyone if this is a bit off the topic but I needed to reach Roberta...

You've mentioned this book several times so I got mine back out (purchased last fall) and reread my section on Type B blood. I had forgotten how very interesting. There are so many things he says are true about type B and match my family history. For example, Jewish ancestry on my father's side, my sister (same type) went through allergy testing and discovered that she was very allergic to wheat, which Bs shouldn't eat (causes her sinuses problems which the book mentions as a problem or sinus sufferers). I had eczema as a child and he mentions this as indicative of Bs who lack enough magnesium in their diet. He mentions the need for Bs to get Bromelain an enzyme found in pineapples. Scott mentioned this to someone about being a pain blocker or something. Anyway, the reason for this post is #1 I am headed off to Wild Oats to restock myself because I did feel better when following this diet for several months (I just hated driving across town to grocery shop) and #2 have you found any good websights on this topic? I tried the one mentioned in the back of the book and couldn't connect. You can e-mail me direct if you are afraid this is too off the topic and will clog up this board needlessly. Thank! Sarah