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Some relief at last

Posted by Yvonne C on 6/28/99 at 00:00 (008289)

Hi everyone, I think I might have found what works for me. I am a PF sufferer for over 4 years now, like all of you I have tried the icing, shots, orthotics x 2, 4 doctors, stretching, etc etc etc.

I recently bought a pair of Dansko clogs, new balance sneakers and purchased the ibuprofen cream and have found that I am finally getting some relief. I am still a little stiff in the mornings but always step into my clogs before heading to the shower and I have to say it's a pleasure being able to walk and not crawl with my first steps.

Also a runner friend of mine gave me some QE Tabs from Youthful Secrets by Seta, she told me they helped her with muscle spasms in her legs, and since I was having really bad shooting pains I tried, now I don't know if they are what has helped or not, I am just really happy that I am getting a few pain free days.

Hopefully some of this info will help.