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TO: Doc Simon

Posted by MOHEZ on 6/29/99 at 00:00 (008344)


I live in Toronto,and have had pf for approx 5 years now on both feet. I have done it all,
including the dornier treatements with Dr. Ogilvy-Harris. Did not work, he wants to operate on me
and I am not too thrilled with this. He does the EPF and does a 90% release, this is VERY SCARY
to me. Went to see Dr. Tim Daniels and he wants to operate via 'open surgery' so he could see more,
he only releases 33% of the fascia, this sounds more appealing. Anyways got cold feet again and went
to see Dr. Galea. He did an ultrasound and found out my plantar was approx 5mm thick. Which according
to him is not bad (standard being 3-31/2mm), but to me this is very painful and I am very limited
to what I can do. Played softball on Sun and could not walk till Tuesday. He is sending me for more
testing for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. I am thinking of going ahead with the Ossatron before surgery
what are your experiences with this.