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What to do?

Posted by Carol on 6/30/99 at 00:00 (008395)

I have a bad case of heel spurs. My podiatrist suggests EPF. I am
thinking about going to Canada to get the Ossatron. I have been
getting therapeutic ultrasound (it helps a little, bandaging, cortisone. I am not considering the FDA study since it is double blind. How do you manage the pain?

Re: What to do?

Steve on 4/08/98 at 08:31 (000537)

Reply: I found a new product on the market that worked for me. It is called Arch*Rite. I put them on in the morning under my socks and took them off at night and my problem was gone in less than 30 days. I to do not like the thought of surgery. I am a triathelete, raquetball player and a basketball player. I had to give everything up untill this came along. I did not even lay off. These are so comfortable that I did not know I had them on. You may purchase them through United American Medical @ 1-800-521-5002 and they run around $20.00. Let me know how she comes out.